Composer for Film, TV & Media

Let me help you take your project to the next level with
Unique Film Music, Auditory Storytelling & Sonic Branding.

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Commercials, Product and Image Films & Jingles

I’ve specialised in creating entertaining music for commercials, product and image films as well as jingles. With catchy melodies I’m establishing a recognition value for brands.

Short Films, Documentaries, Series, Teasers & Trailers

For scenic projects like short films, documentaries, series as well as teasers and trailers I’m providing concise music within a story which provides a coherent viewing experience.

Song and Album Production, MIDI Programming & Orchestration

Let me help you take your song and album production to the next level, translate your musical ideas into audible music and create sheet music for your compositions.

About Me

I’m a freelance film composer with over 6 years of experience in the industry.

In all of my projects, it is particularly important to me that we start off with a good relationship. This is the only way to ensure a great working experience and mandatory for achieving the best possible result together.

Reel 2020

Some of my works

Featured Projects

HOPE TV “Encounters”

HOPE TV “Daniel”

Königskind “Lichtblick”

HOPE TV “Stiften gehen”

Westworld Scoring Competition 2020

“Lost Place”

LIFTA Treppenlift “Weil Enkel wahre Helden brauchen”

“Der Fremde in mir”

LIFTA Treppenlift “Regenschirm”

LIFTA Treppenlift “Porzellan”

EDEKA Südwest “Die Azubi-WG”

“Einer muss vorangehen”



DVG “gesund & lecker”

MHZ “Rollo R_03”

“Der Deutsche Wein”

LIFTA Treppenlift “Auf jeden Fall”

LIFTA Treppenlift “Wie der Vater, so der Sohn”

EDEKA Südwest “Hier bleib ich”

“Der Stille Soldat”


“Der Vater”

iCOR “Church of Refuge”


“Zufällig falsch”




Sam Zook

"Manuel has been a blessing to work with. His gifted talent and ability to make you feel at ease and comfortable is truly amazing. Although I'm on the other side of the world, I still keep in contact with Manuel. Not only is he now a great friend, he's a very talented composer and musician that will take your film to the next level."

Simon Knobloch
Creative Producer

"Mit Manuel zu arbeiten heißt, sowohl zwischenmenschlich als auch musikalisch, professionell zu einem kreativen Ergebnis zu kommen. Manuel verarbeitet unsere Vorschläge und seine eigenen Ideen zu einem gefühlvollen und unterstützenden Track unserer Filmprojekte. Ich freue mich immer, wenn es zu einem gemeinsamen Projekt kommt."