Manuel Igler

Composer for Film, TV & Media



Selected works I'd like to highlight.
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HOPE TV "Die Mondschein Show"

TV Show, 2022

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Bridgerton Scoring Competition

Contest, 2022

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HOPE TV "Encounters"

TV Series, 2022

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HOPE TV "Daniel"

Documentary Trailer, 2021

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Westworld Scoring Competition

Contest, 2020

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LIFTA "Weil Enkel wahre Helden brauchen"

Commercial, 2019

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Sci-Fi Teaser, 2018

Peoples Choice Award „VFX Film of the Year“ (The Rookies)


AWR „Front Lines of Hope“ | Documentary

Königskind „Auferstanden“ | MIDI Programming for Song Production

Danielschule | Promo

„Lady Like“ | Short Film | Dramedy

Sulamita Franzí „Du bist mein Hirte“ | Song Production


Sulamita Franzí „O Holy Night“ | Song Production

Real Life Film | Logo Sound

„Thirty Pieces“ | Promo

HDM „Abandoned“ | Animated Series Intro | Science-Fiction

HOPE TV „Das Bibelquiz“ | TV Show (Theme & Sounddesign)


Lighthouse Records, Udo Brünner (Christmas Special) | Spoken Word

Königskind „Für uns“ | MIDI Programming for Song Production

Sulamita Franzí „A Strange Way to Save the World“ | Song Production

Sulamita Franzí „Mary, Did You Know?“ | Song Production

HOPE TV „Daniel“ | TV Series | Documentary

Lighthouse Records, Udo Brünner | Spoken Word

Sulamita Franzí „Vater, vergib mir!“ | Song Production

HOPE TV „Die Mondschein Show – Late Night mit Sven Fockner“ | TV Show (Theme)

Bridgerton Scoring Competition 2022 | Contest

HDM „The Upper Floors“ | Short Film | Science-Fiction

Sulamita Franzí „Manchmal“ | Song Production

HOPE TV „Encounters“ | TV Series | Drama


„Time After Time“ | Web Series | Drama

HOPE TV „Daniel“ | Trailer

Freikirche der STA „FORUM Mittelrhein“ | Web Devotional Series (Theme)


Königskind „Lichtblick“ | MIDI Programming for Album Production

„Der Schuldner“ | Short Film | Silent Movie

HOPE TV „Stiften gehen“ | TV Talkshow (Theme)

Westworld Scoring Competition 2020 | Contest


BEL IVE | Jingle

„Lost Place“ | Short Film

LIFTA Treppenlift „Weil Enkel wahre Helden brauchen“ | Commercial

Pigcasso Fragrance | Commercial

Vogel-Bauer | Imagefilm

HOPE TV „Fribos Dachboden“ | TV Children Show (Jingle)


„Der Fremde in mir“ | Short Film / Trailer | Thriller

LIFTA „Mit Schirm, Charme und Lifta“ | Commercial

LIFTA „Vorsicht ist die Mutter der Porzellankiste“ | Commercial

EDEKA „Die Azubi-WG“ | Web Series

„Warenkorb“ | Short Film | Dramedy

„Einer muss vorangehen“ | Feature Film | Documentary

Deutscher Verein für Gesundheitspflege e.V. „Gesundheitskongress“ | Trailer

„Rifters“ | Teaser | Science-Fiction (won Peoples Choice Award as VFX Film of the Year at The Rookies)

BOSCH „GlassVAC“ | Commercial

Deutscher Verein für Gesundheitspflege e.V. „gesund & lecker“ | Web Cooking Show

MHZ „Rollo R03“ | Commercial


BOSCH Home and Garden „Die neue Wohnung“ | Short Film

Fort- und Weiterbildung Kammerer | Jingle

Aufwind e.V. Bunter Kreis Ludwigsburg | Commercial

„Der Deutsche Wein“ | Short Film | Documentary

LIFTA „Auf jeden Fall“ | Commercial

Youngsta „Mein Traum von Gemeinde“ | Commercial

LIFTA „Wie der Vater, so der Sohn“ | Commercial

EDEKA „Hier bleib ich“ | Commercial

„Der Stille Soldat“ | Short Film | War Drama


„Der letzte Tag im Sommer“ | Short Film | Western

Freikirche der STA „Gebetswoche 2016: …weil das Leben mehr ist!“ | Web Devotional Series

Freikirche der STA „Berufen“ | Commercial

„Ein Herz für Mosambik“ | Report

„Der Vater“ | Short Film

„iCOR: Church of Refuge“ | Web Series

„Achtundzwanzig“ | Web Series


Freikirche der STA „Youth in Mission Congress 2016: Komm mit – I commit“ | Commercial

„Kluges Essen“ | Web Cooking Show (Jingle)

„Freedom 404“ | Feature Film | Documentary (Additional Music)

„Zufällig falsch“ | Short Film | Dramedy


„Makeda“ | Short Film | Documentary

HOPE TV „Immanuel – Den Himmel berühren“ | Commercial



Manuel Igler is a versatile film composer known for his cinematic soundtracks. Combining elements from neoclassical, ambient, classical, and pop music, his music emerges as uniquely emotional and memorable.

His works encompass documentaries, such as ‚Daniel‘ (2023, on HopeTV), fictional series like ‚Encounters‘ (2022, on Pureflix), and commercials for Bosch, Edeka, and Lifta.


"Manuel always knows how to interpret what I have in mind. In a short time he recognised my style and visual language as few people have done. In addition to being very creative, he is very open, flexible and willing to change, adjust and find effective solutions. I trust 100% in his talent and preparation and I know that his work will always enrich the visual language of my productions."
Adrian Duré
"Manuel has been a blessing to work with. His gifted talent and ability to make you feel at ease and comfortable is truly amazing. Although I'm on the other side of the world, I still keep in contact with Manuel. Not only is he now a great friend, he's a very talented composer and musician that will take your film to the next level."
Sam Zook
"Mit Manuel zu arbeiten heißt, sowohl zwischenmenschlich als auch musikalisch, professionell zu einem kreativen Ergebnis zu kommen. Manuel verarbeitet unsere Vorschläge und seine eigenen Ideen zu einem gefühlvollen und unterstützenden Track unserer Filmprojekte. Ich freue mich immer, wenn es zu einem gemeinsamen Projekt kommt."
Simon Knobloch
Creative Producer
"It was a great honor working with Manuel. He is an open, creative person with a modern and fresh touch. His music shows how passionate he does his work in detail - a different approach to film / TV music composing. I would work with Manuel any time again."
Ronnie Garcera Bugay


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