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Film, TV & Media

Let me help you take your project to the next level with
Unique Film Music, Auditory Storytelling & Sonic Branding.


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What I can offer

I'm creating music & I'll help you create music.

Commercials, Product / Image Films & Jingles

I’ve specialised in creating entertaining music for commercials, product and image films as well as jingles. With catchy melodies I’m establishing a recognition value for brands.

Short Films, Documentaries, Series, Teasers & Trailers

For scenic projects like short films, documentaries, series as well as teasers and trailers I’m providing concise music within a story which provides a coherent viewing experience.

Creative Services

Let me help you take your song and album production to the next level with MIDI programming, translate your musical ideas into audible music through orchestration and create sheet music for your compositions.

Technical Services

If you're in need of a buddy that guides you through the technical jungle of music production, I'm in! From the basics of using a DAW to keeping your libraries organised and up-to-date, I'll make sure you can focus on being creative.

What you'll get


Every great project is based on great communication.


Being creative means finding a solution to every problem.


Needs may vary, the goal stays the same: best possible outcome.


8+ years in the industry, commercials/shows on national TV, international TV series.

About Me

I’ve been making music for my whole life and been composing for film & TV since around 2010. During the past few years I had the possibility to write music for several commercials, short films and TV series whereby I gained a lot of experience by working with different talented directors and producers. Besides music, film is my second biggest passion. I studied Composition for Film & Theatre for 4 years at the Conservatory of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem (NL) where I received my bachelor’s degree in 2019.

I’d love to share my passion for film and music with you on exciting new projects!


"Manuel always knows how to interpret what I have in mind. In a short time he recognised my style and visual language as few people have done. In addition to being very creative, he is very open, flexible and willing to change, adjust and find effective solutions. I trust 100% in his talent and preparation and I know that his work will always enrich the visual language of my productions."
Adrian Duré
TV Producer
"Manuel has been a blessing to work with. His gifted talent and ability to make you feel at ease and comfortable is truly amazing. Although I'm on the other side of the world, I still keep in contact with Manuel. Not only is he now a great friend, he's a very talented composer and musician that will take your film to the next level."
Sam Zook
"Mit Manuel zu arbeiten heißt, sowohl zwischenmenschlich als auch musikalisch, professionell zu einem kreativen Ergebnis zu kommen. Manuel verarbeitet unsere Vorschläge und seine eigenen Ideen zu einem gefühlvollen und unterstützenden Track unserer Filmprojekte. Ich freue mich immer, wenn es zu einem gemeinsamen Projekt kommt."
Simon Knobloch
Creative Producer
"It was a great honor working with Manuel. He is an open, creative person with a modern and fresh touch. His music shows how passionate he does his work in detail - a different approach to film / TV music composing. I would work with Manuel any time again."
Ronnie Garcera Bugay
Creative Producer

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